Wednesday, January 28, 2009

muse or MUA

I guess I should start by explaining what a MUA is. A MUA is what people in the industry call a Make Up Artist.
Cara is working on becoming a full time make up artist and looking forward to working in the movie industry as a special effects artist. She is very talented and I am sure you will see some of her work on my website in weeks and months to come. Now.... you are probably wondering, why she is in the pictures if she is a makeup artist. Exactly! Well she did her own make up in the shoot… but if you know Cara, you know she will eventually talk you into anything!
Well, here are the pictures she talked me into; she said it would give girls a better idea about how much fun they can have on a shoot if they use the right props.
I am sure you will recognize some of the same images in Margy's shoot (which took place after Cara's) so maybe her theory is already working. Let me know what you think. If you would like to contact Cara about a MUA position please send me an email and I will make sure she gets it.


Rita said...

I love her... she's so friggin cute!! LOL. Her make-up looks great with the outfits. I absolutely love her hair.

marcelo said...

IIIIII LOOOOVEEEEE IITTT!!!! She looks great and I love the funky outfits. AWESOME!