Saturday, November 8, 2008

Galapago Pictures

Over the last couple of years, many people have asked me how I became a photographer. Well, here is the story. As many of you know I have always loved photography and taken many courses over the years. Yet it was always a hobby or something that I did for fun.
It started when I went on a vacation to the Galapagos. There, I met a couple of professional photographers and thought they had the best job in the world! Getting paid to take pictures of such beauty, unbelievable!
I asked plenty of questions, but really had little knowledge of their fancy equipment. At the time I was using a Sony 717,a very basic digital camera compared to the professional cameras the pros were using. Little did I know that camera would help shape my future! I had taken my laptop and would download the pictures that I had taken during the day. Sometimes people would walk by and admire them, and give me compliments. On about the third or fourth day, the cruise director came by to see me and told me that several passengers had commented that my pictures where just as good as the pros and I should also get to display them on the big screen. He asked me to see them, and then asked me to prepare a slide show for the next day! I was shocked, excited, nervous and a bit confused. LOL But I figured this would be a cool experience and at the very least get to hang out with the pro photographers and learn something.
Well I ended up creating a slide show for each day, for the rest of the trip and got so many compliments that I started to believe that becoming a pro was possible. Nevertheless, I still had a desk job and went back to it the following Monday. But I sure thought about photography a lot. Then about two years later I decided that it was time to make it my day job and Seaside Studios and Omar Guillen Photography were born. I could not be happier! Here are some of the images from that trip.