Friday, September 12, 2008

Best Friends

I was a little worried at first, shooting five girls together where all the girls were the main focus. But I had a great time! Judy's house was beautiful and the people even more so. We had pizza, ice cream and a bunch of laughs. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks girls!
Make sure you watch the slide show. Give it a minute to load up; it’s worth the wait.


Anabel said...

Wow this photo shoot is beautiful. I'm so glad they did this. They have been friends for so long that it's so beautiful to show that longlasting and true friendship in these pics. I LOVE all of them and the slide show it's so cool!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these images :)They are AMAZING. I want to do this with my group of friends. Once again...I love your work.

Jennifer Leon said...

OMAR!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! They are fabulous! The slide show almost made me cry!! I had so much fun taking the pics with you. Thank you so much for doing this for us you really captured the moments of our friendships.

P.S your assistant was great.


Anonymous said...

I met most of these girls at Jens Bachelorette Party Cruise...I've been seeing your pictures ever since. Excellent work. I should've hired you for my wedding. Send my regards to the girls.

The Bachelor (now married)