Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boxer Puppy Pictures

These may look like Boxer puppy pictures, but I have been informed that this is my new nephew!
My sister has been married for longer than five years. We have all been waiting for the announcement that there will be a new addition to the family (especially my mom). But little did we know that the new addition would be a puppy! At first it seemed more of a joke, and I even refused to take pictures of this so called new addition to our family. As time went on and Rocky grew older my sister got bitterer, that we were not taking her new baby more serious. I could not believe her! But after several arguments I finally conceded and agreed to take the following pictures. I must admit it was quite entertaining to watch her care for this little animal. She really does treat him like her own child. And yes I did warm up a little to the little guy. But I am worried for my mom, I hope this is just training for the soon to be baby and not a replacement. But just in case I did play catch with him…. Or was it fetch. LOL Enjoy the pictures.


Anabel said...

What a cute dog!!!The pictures are so nice. I love the one with the washer machine...tooooo cute!!!!