Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Engagement pictures for Jeannie and Andrew

I have been getting a lot of calls for Engagement/Wedding pics, so it must be that time of year :)

I love doing Engagement pictures. The couples are always so happy! Even the guys get excited about taking the pictures, even though the girls always warn me that "their" man will not be easy. I guess it’s because I try to just get them to have some fun and relax!

Jeannie and Andrew were no different; Jeannie had seen Margy and Jesus’ Engagement pictures and wanted a similar shoot. She said she loved to pose, but was worried about Andrew...While Jeannie was a great model with gorgeous eyes and a flawless face, it was Andrew that was quite the surprise really giving it his all and being very patient and willing to go the extra mile for his girl! Great job guys I hope you love your pictures. I had a great time spending the day with you.