Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marlin World Magazine Cover

I am pretty excited, I have never submitted pictures for consideration to a magazine and I just got my first cover! I love it! I have had my pictures in magazines before, even full pages(paid advertisements)but there is something special about getting the cover!

I got back from covering the WCBRT a Marlin tournament in Cabo posted the pictures on the blog and got some great feed back. Several of my friends posted my pictures on forums and before long the editor for Marlin World, Paul Watson contacted me about his online magazine. It really is a great publication! I look forward to many more covers. Please click on the picture so you can see the rest of the magazine. I have four more pages of images; pages 4,5,12, and 13 with my Bio on page 13. I am currently talking to a couple more people in the industry so hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of my images in the future!


Tiffany said...

Wow Omar! This is so great! Congrats!!! I know you will have many more cover shoots to come!!! :)